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Long CodesSMS Long Codes

Long Codes | Short Codes vs. Long Codes | SMS Text Messaging Solutions

Long codes, also referred to as long numbers, are ten digit SMS numbers that businesses can use to improve and enhance their communications. SMS long codes coexist with other important services such as faxing, email, calling and voicemail.  Businesses familiar with SMS service may currently be using short codes.  Dedicated short codes however take months to be provisioned and can be too expensive for most companies.  Mission's long code services provide an easy to use and cost effective solution for  business communications and other applications.

Long Codes also have the addded advantage of providing voice and international capabilities.  Short codes are limited to the country in which they are provisioned.  Long codes allow 2 way international communication with the familiarity of a regualr number.  Long codes can be fully integrated into your business model making them easy to use. 

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